Broadband Delivery UK

The Government has committed to giving access to 2Mbps download speed to every premises in the UK. As part of this commitment OnLincolnshire and Nottinghamshire County Council in conjunction with Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) have created a subsidised broadband scheme working with a number of different providers and technologies.

This scheme will provide a subsidised connection to faster broadband so that the cost of getting set up is greatly reduced for eligible applicants.

For further details, and to apply for a code, please visit the relevant website below;

Lincolnshire residents : OnLincolnshire voucher scheme information site
Lincolnshire residents : OnLincolshire voucher code application form

Nottinghamshire residents : Nottinghamshire County Council information and voucher applications

Outside Lincolnshire or Nottinghamshire visit the BDUK information website to get in contact with your issuing Local Body : BDUK website

If you have already been given an eligibility code with one of the following prefixes by your Local Body then please contact us;
Lincolnshire (LINC)
Nottinghamshire (BDUK)

Once we have validated your code with the issuing Local Body we will be happy to get you signed up to one of the qualifying packages which are detailed below.

If you don’t yet have an eligibility code, please either give us a call (01636 682 244) or visit the appropriate website for your area, OnLincolnshire website, Nottinghamshire website or BDUK website, to check whether you can take advantage of the scheme.

For qualifying customers the following pricing is available.

Show Prices Including VAT


(£139.99 - £349.99 Value, Covered by BDUK/OnLincolnshire)


  • Professional installation
  • Includes all hardware and cabling required
  • Independent network infrastructure
  • No phone line required
  • 1 Year parts and labour warranty
  • Extended warranty available
  • 30 Day money back guarantee




  • 802.11 n Wireless
  • Great Coverage
  • 4 Wired LAN Ports
  • Remotely Managed
  • Custom Network Name
  • Content Filtering Available
  • 24/7/365 Monitoring




  • 12 Month Contract
  • Up to 5 Email Addresses
  • Free Spam Filtering
  • No Data Limits
  • Great for VOIP
  • Great for Streaming TV / Movies
  • Local Support

Still need a land line?

We have recently completed an agreement with Vonage, one of the largest VOIP providers in Europe. Vonage are now offering a £50 (inc VAT) cashback for anyone who takes a Vonage service along with a Newark Wireless broadband subscription.

Vonage provide telephone lines which do not require a traditional land line, they instead use your internet connection. They work in exactly the same way as your traditional BT handset, and they can even transfer your existing number to your new line.

Vonage line rental starts at only £8/month (inc VAT) which is much cheaper than the typical line rental with the major UK providers, additionally they have no minimum contract period. The only requirement to qualify for “The Vonage Deal” is that you must keep the Vonage service for at least 6months.

If you would like to take a Vonage line please sign up for the service with this link. If you wish to discuss your options give us a call.

To ensure we issue your payment please don’t forget to let us know by email that you have taken “The Vonage Deal”.

Show Prices Including VAT



  • Unlimited¹ UK Landline Calls
  • 6p/min + 15p CSF to UK mobiles
  • Competitive rates to International Destinations
  • £5.00 delivery charge
  • £10.00 activation charge



  • Unlimited¹ UK Landline Calls
  • 3p/min + 15p CSF to UK mobiles
  • Unlimited¹ calls to 5 International Destinations
  • £5.00 delivery charge
  • FREE activation

Talk World


  • Unlimited¹ UK Landline Calls
  • 6p/min + 15p CSF to UK mobiles
  • Unlimited¹ calls to more than 60 International Destinations
  • £5.00 delivery charge
  • FREE activation

Premium Unlimited


  • Unlimited¹ UK Landline Calls
  • Unlimited¹ UK Mobile Calls
  • Unlimited¹ calls to 5 International Destinations
  • £5.00 delivery charge
  • FREE activation

Worried about power cuts?

All the equipment used to provide broadband on our Network is running a backup power supply. However, if a power cut strikes, this can still leave your house without power. In this scenario an uninterruptable power supply can provide a limited amount of battery backup and keep vital services (such as Vonage telephone) running during the power outage.



When installed with broadband and telephone

  • Provides battery backup to critical devices
  • Provides surge protection for non critical devices
  • Up to 45 Minutes Runtime
  • Longer Runtimes available. Please speak to our technical team for a quote.
  • Ask us for more information

All Vonage pricing is acurate as of 06/05/2016, please chck the vonage website for must up to date prices.

¹Unlimited and inclusive calling applies to UK landline numbers starting with 01, 02, and 03, UK mobiles on all major UK mobile networks (Vodafone, O2, EE, Three, Virgin Mobile (EE), Asda Mobile (EE) and Tesco Mobile (O2)) and international geographic landline numbers and mobiles where specified.

¹¹A call set up fee (CSF) may apply to calls outside your call plan. Calls outside your call plan are billed per minute, part minutes are billed as whole minutes and are rounded to the nearest whole penny. Calls to service numbers are charged at the advertised service charge plus an access charge. Details of access charges and CSF can be found on our rates page or by calling the call centre on 0800 008 6000

Any minutes used on mobile, tablet or desktop applications (including Extensions) form part of your call plan and will count towards your total usage.

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